For more than half a century, Digatron develops and manufactures test and formation charging systems for batteries. As a world market leader with manufacturing plants in the US, China, and India we supply to customers all over the planet and actively shape the future of energy storage.

The #1 global supplier
for battery test and formation systems


Thanks to our full range, we can supply you with the right solution for every requirement – in uncompromising quality.

Cell tester


Cell tester with high energy efficiency and switch mode amplifiers for currents of 300 amps or higher


Cell tester for currents from 2 amps to 40 amps and high packing density for up to 320 circuits in one cabinet


Cell tester with linear amplifiers for currents between 50 amps and 150 amps

Module & SLI Tester


Multi-channel test system for battery modules up to 20 volts with high energy efficiency for currents of 150 amps and higher


Multi-channel test system up to 18 volts and grid regeneration for 10 amps, 20 amps and 40 amps


Multi-channel test system for starter batteries between 50 amps and 150 amps with linear amplifiers


Test system for battery modules of up to 60 volts with switch-mode amplifiers


Test system for battery modules in the voltage range of 10 volts to 60 volts with linear amplifiers


Test system for batteries up to 150 volts and 500 amps and grid regeneration


Test system for EDLC double-layer capacitors with linear amplifiers and a selectable current and voltage range

Battery Laboratory

High demands on the equipment, structural requirements and a limited budget make the planning of a laboratory a real challenge. With DIGATRON as a reliable full-service partner at your side, you will receive a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs despite all challenges.

Battery Production

Put your trust in DIGATRON when planning and equipping your production building. Thanks to years of experience, in-depth knowledge, our own development and excellent service, we are able to provide you with an outstanding solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs. 


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